For animals in shelters, social media exposure can be the golden ticket to the perfect home.

Download my quick guide: Instagram for Adoptable Dogs

Instagram for Adoptable Dogs


Contribute to an adoptable dog’s day in the mountains with a strange, camera-wielding lady.

I love to show the world how wonderful and unique each pup is. One post on Instagram regularly involves hours of driving, editing, copywriting, organizing, story making, posting, adventuring in the mountains, and replying to potential adopters. Contributions go entirely to fuel unless you state a different purpose for which you’d like it to be used. My time, gear, and vehicle for each sponsored dog are entirely volunteer/donated by me.

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Volunteer days are some of my favorite. I’ve met over 100 dogs since starting this project and each one has enhanced the quality of my life as much as I hope I do the same for him or her.

To check out some dogs who’ve changed me for the better, look at the highlight reel on my Instagram.


Beans & Denali

These two goobers accompany me on any and every adventure I can fathom. I always try to channel the enthusiasm of a dog and these two are my daily inspiration.