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Adventures with Adoptable Dogs (by me) is available now. It’s full of tips on how to represent adoptable dogs as well as several adoption adventure tales. Click to order.


Download a short, free version of this resource for volunteers and fosters in the link below:

Click to read now: Instagram for Adoptable Dogs

Instagram for Adoptable Dogs

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I’m touched by how many people want to help with these adventures. Time is the limiting factor for doing more adventures which is why I wanted to provide the above resources to help anyone interested get into this type of volunteering. If you would like to help directly with the picnic supplies and lens filters that dogs apparently love to break, here’s a link to a list of those supplies that will ship directly to me.
Snack/Supplies List

any donations are considered gifts to this project that may be used on fuel and photo and video documenting gear replacement. Canadian contributors can e-transfer so your contribution makes it entirely to the fuel store and the camera store (with nothing lost on fees) by using

Many other ways to help trailandbears adoptable pups:

  • Interact online with #adoptable posts – comment, save, and share the #adoptable to your story or privately to anyone who may be interested. Interactions with the post like these signal to Instagram to show the pup to more folks, so the more, the better!
  • Volunteer – download my guide above for helpful tips and put your own spin on showcasing adoptables in your area.
  • Foster – when you foster, you have daily access to a pup who needs exposure. Check out my guide above for tips on how to get him/her more reach online.

Beans, Denali, Anna

These two psychopaths and one goober (not in that order) are my daily inspiration and continual source of happiness (interlaced with sporadic sorrow and shame *cough* Anna).

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