a bit about me…

_D559342My name is Rachael Rodgers.

I’m a Canadian artist, photographer, dog lover, and outdoor enthusiast. Not in that order. When our two fuzzheads need a recovery/nap day, I try to help other dogs find homes as cozy as Beans & Anna’s. To learn more about my obsession with dogs and how you can help, click here.

I live in Exshaw, Alberta. When it comes to scenic adventures, the Rockies do provide. Bold colours and awe-inspiring landscapes are everywhere. You probably won’t catch me being enthusiastic with my camera on a sunny day. I prefer stormy skies (for photography and everything else). I try to bring the spirit and mood of the scene alive through digital artistry while keeping a deep appreciation for natural elements. My art.

I grew up in New Brunswick with a mother who never put her camera down (to this day). Life was all about work, cars, and motorcycles,. Almost 20 years later I’m still very interested in cars and bikes, but with a slightly different emphasis. Now, I care how many dogs can fit in a car and seek out the best remote technical single track for self propelled mountain biking…

I kayak, skijor,  mountain bike, and if I have nothing better to do, I’ll hike. These are my usual transport systems used while shooting. I’m not a tripod photographer. I’m not patient and I don’t wait for a shot. I like to get out in the lakes/mountains/trails everyday and see who and what I can see.

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