a bit about me…

_D559342My name is Rachael Rodgers.

I’m a Canadian artist, photographer, dog lover, and outdoor enthusiast. Not really in that order. First, I’m a dog lover. I love our two old pups, Beans & Denali, SO much. When those two fuzzheads need a recovery/nap day, I try to help other dogs find homes as cozy as Beans & Denali’s. To learn more about my obsession with dogs and how you can help, click here.

I live in Canmore, Alberta. When it comes to scenic adventures, the Rockies do provide. Bold colours and awe-inspiring landscapes are everywhere. You probably won’t catch me being enthusiastic with my camera on a sunny day. I prefer stormy skies (for photography and everything else). I try to bring the spirit and mood of the scene alive through digital artistry while keeping a deep appreciation for natural elements. My art.

I grew up in New Brunswick with a mother who never put her camera down (to this day). Life was all about how fast a car could go and where to find the perfect curves for a motorcycle. Almost 20 years later I’m still very interested in cars and bikes, but with a slightly different emphasis. Now, I care how many dogs can fit in a car and seek out the best remote technical single track for self propelled mountain biking…

I love kayaking and mountain biking. These are my usual transport systems used while shooting. I’m not a tripod photographer. I’m not patient and I don’t wait for a shot. I’m an opportunistic photographer. I like to get out in the lakes/mountains/trails everyday and see what I can see.