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Adventures with Adoptable Dogs: An Instagram Guide for Animal Advocates



Download my quick guide: Instagram for Adoptable Dogs

Instagram for Adoptable Dogs

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I love to show the world how wonderful and unique each pup is and I take the responsibility very seriously (they deserve that). A lot goes into each #adoptable post behind the glamorous torn clothing and dirty lenses.

Each shoot involves hours of driving, coordinating with shelters and foster homes, adventuring in the mountains, editing, copy writing, collaborating with accounts to share the post, organizing and culling images and videos, making the Instagram “story”, posting at key times on two social media platforms, replying to potential adopters, and doing my best to follow up with happy endings to share with everyone. It’s a big deal for me, but hopefully it’s the biggest deal for the pup. If you don’t have the time to volunteer and you’d like to help directly with this project, I use contributions to help with costs.

Canadian contributors please e-transfer so your contribution makes it entirely to the project (with nothing lost on fees) by using

Outside of Canada: sign-up for monthly or one time contributions using the PayPal button below.

TrailsandBears DECALS:

Contributors: decals (as shown) are mailed out upon request to contributors. Simply send me the full mailing name and address and I’ll pop one right in the mail for ya! 

Many other ways to help trailandbears adoptable pups:

  • Interact online with #adoptable posts – comment, save, and share the #adoptable to your story or privately to anyone who may be interested. Interactions with the post like these signal to Instagram to show the pup to more folks, so the more, the better!
  • Volunteer – download my guide above for helpful tips and put your own spin on showcasing adoptables in your area.
  • Foster – when you foster, you have daily access to a pup who needs exposure. Check out my guide above for tips on how to get him/her more reach online.



Beans & Denali

These two goobers accompany me on any and every adventure I can fathom. I always try to channel the enthusiasm of a dog and these two are my daily inspiration.